Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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Monday, August 6, 2012

It's Been A Longggggg Time...

My family and friends, so sorry for the long time between posts. We've had computer problems, I've been updating the basket website with our major convention brochure and many web pages, I've been totally involved in a million other things. So I have to say I'm Sorry!
One of the best reasons I am on tonight is to tell you very exciting news.....We are going to be Grandparents! Hubby and I are so very excited. #1 daughter (the one that was married in 2011) and son-in-law have made us a little peanut. That's what I'm call him/her until we know the gender. Life is so exciting when you have a baby in the house and to have one at my age...well how more excited can I be? Everyone tells me that being a Grandparent is the best thing in the world. I am starting to experience that now. I see all the little clothes, toys, furniture, gadgets...and I can wait to buy them all! My other thought was, what is this baby going to call me? I'm just not sure, there are so many Grandmas, Granny's, Nannies, mam maw, and a host of other names that are just not me. So I started looking online, do you know how many names for Grandmother there are? A LOT! I thought Bella, (that's Spanish for Grandmother and Beautiful, for my readers who didn't pay attention in Spanish class), then Mimi, G-ma, YaYa, Oma, Lola...but I think I have decided on Gigi. I look like a Gigi, don't you think? Well the due date is Dec. so I still have a little time.
Little Peanut, I'm in love with you already and I haven't even met you!  Welcome Little Peanut to the family!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Yoga...tonight I went to my first (well it's my 2nd) yoga class. And it was AWESOME!!! That is all I can say. The hubby and I work out at a local gym and recently I noticed that they had a yoga class coming up, I decided to try it out. Being a bit nervous going into it, I soon was welcomed and felt right at home. Kim, our instructor, was this very thin, very soft spoken, beautiful, 30 something woman. There were only four of us in the class, that was very nice. Kim started us off with sitting up very straight and breathing and clearing out minds. Boy did I need that. After a day at work and fighting traffic, clearing my mind was perfect. The moves were difficult at times, my body has not stretched like that in years. I did enjoy it very much and will be back next Monday. I just hope that in the morning I can get out of bed!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Men and Their Toys

Today I went out to the airfield to watch my hubby and his buddies fly remote control airplanes.  It was a wonderful weather day today and it was perfect. I arrived to see my hubby sitting on the ground working on his airplane, he looked just like a little boy. As I sat there I looked around and saw about 10 "boys" working on their  toy airplanes. I chuckled to myself. :) Each time you fly there is a "spotter" and the picture I chose for today is of hubby and his good friend the spotter. This friend (if I didn't know better) is his brother. These two men are as they say "Brothers from another Mother".  Hubby and his friend do the same things at the same time, they say the same things and they act the same way. Hubby's friends wife (J), well J and I have become really great friends and she and I always talk about how much these two two men are alike. It's really good that hubby has someone like this to pal around with, to talk with and to just hang with.  Thanks J and hubby for being such good friends to hubby and I. We love you both!

The Beach

Yesterday I took daughter #2 and her friend to the beach. I absolutely love the beach. The waves crashing up on the sand, the sand between your toes, the view...oh the view. It was a perfect day for the beach. We sat, I walked, we talked, we listened and we baked (don't tell my dermatologist that part).  It was the best. We only stayed about 3 hours and then it was time to leave. My all time wish is the live "on the beach". Yes, each day awake to the ocean, each night fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean. Ahhhhhh...what a dream!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baskets, Baskets and More Baskets...

Yesterday I took pictures of 147 baskets for our annual basket convention. Each year my basket guild has an annual convention and this is the weekend we jury the baskets. So yesterday was my day to take all the pictures. It is always so wonderful to see all the new creations and see from which teachers we receive baskets. We received baskets from 27 basket teachers. What an awesome job I have to take the pictures. I have been taking the pictures for about the last 5 years or so and each year I get just as excited.  Opening the first box is just as exciting as opening the last box. These teachers are such artists and they take the time to put a proposal together, to package up their creations and send them off to us. We handle them with care and we do handle each and every one. We love to touch, smell and look at each and every one. So what a great day yesterday was and I am loving looking at the beautiful pictures I have taken!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Computer Troubles....and update...

Sorry for the long delay in writing, updating my blog, I have had issues getting into this site and my wonderful son-in-law fixed my computer right up this weekend. So thank you son!!!

Today I am headed to my parents overnight and then on to visit a good friend over night.
My sweet girlfriend came into town yesterday, spent the night then headed out to her son's for a few days and I have the pleasure of hanging out with them for a visit. She has had a rough year, fighting ovarian cancer and is now looking wonderful and feeling better every day.
I met my friend 22 years ago, I was pregnant with daughter #2 and she and I met thru our husband's, they both were serving in the Navy. Once meeting, we became inseparable! We have the same interests, the same beliefs and laugh at the same things, what more could you want in a friend? We have been together thru many events in our friendship...birth of my daughter, military deployments, divorce, death of her beautiful mom, graduations and moving apart. It has been about 6 years or so since she moved away and it saddens me every time I really think about it. But with internet, phone and such we can  keep up with each other on a regular basis and I pretend she is just around the corner (not 8 hours away). I am so blessed to have a few best friends and I consider her one of the best. Thanks for coming out to visit my friend and thanks for allowing me to visit with you and your son and thanks for always being there for me and being my friend! Love you girlfriend!!!